“The Last Dance” Episodes 5 + 6

Less than a minute into episode 5 of “The Last Dance” and I can feel the tears forming. 24 seconds exactly after hearing the late announcer Stuart Scott’s voice, we see 19-year old Kobe Bean Bryant pass Michael Jordan in the hallway during his first All Star game. What followed was approximately five minutes ofContinue reading ““The Last Dance” Episodes 5 + 6″

“The Last Dance” Episodes 3 and 4

Sunday, April 26th 2020, ESPN aired episodes 3 and 4 of “The Last Dance”, a 10-part series focused on the 1998 Chicago Bulls and Superstar Legend Michael Jordan. If you haven’t seen episodes 1 or 2 yet, I highly recommend watching those first before 3 and 4. I also have an article that summarizes theContinue reading ““The Last Dance” Episodes 3 and 4″

“The Last Dance” Episodes 1 + 2

As days blended together and sleep schedules were obliterated, life was starting to seem increasingly monotonous. One episode of “The Bachelor” after the next, one Diet Coke after the other, four walks up the street. I wasn’t depressed, but there wasn’t anything to look forward to. Life was beginning to turn gray for this sportsContinue reading ““The Last Dance” Episodes 1 + 2″

Lebron making argument for MVP

35 year old Lebron “King” James is absolutely dominating his 17th season. 2 days after exclaiming that the MVP award meant nothing to the King, Lebron bodied up Giannis Antetokounmpo in the Lakers 113-103 win over the NBA’s top dogs, the Milwaukee Bucks. Lebron dominated his way to 37 points on 12/21 SA/SM, 8 reboundsContinue reading “Lebron making argument for MVP”

Why James Harden’s comments about Giannis are simply wrong

As team captain of the 2020 NBA Eastern Conference All Stars, Giannis Antetokounmpo drafted his team mates against Lebron James for the second year in a row. With two players left on the board, Giannis had the second to last pick. Kemba Walker and James Harden are left. Giannis chooses Kemba, and jokes that “IContinue reading “Why James Harden’s comments about Giannis are simply wrong”

Fear the Deer: Why you don’t want your team playing the Bucks in the post season

Following a 108 – 97 victory over the Toronto Raptors, the Milwaukee Bucks have reached 50 wins, and have clinched a playoff spot. It’s February. The 2019-2020 Bucks have passed the legendary Golden State Warriors in the fastest playoff spot clinch. This team is scary. During the preseason, all the hype was surrounding the twoContinue reading “Fear the Deer: Why you don’t want your team playing the Bucks in the post season”

Damian Lillard: MVP Contender?

The Portland Trail Blazers are a team that many thought would be playoff contenders, but after a rough start to the season, that was put into question. Following multiple losing streaks, the Blazers picked up Carmelo Anthony, who added a much needed scoring boost. However, even with Carmelo, the Blazers still seemed to not beContinue reading “Damian Lillard: MVP Contender?”