Curry’s imminent return

On October 30th 2019, the Warriors Stephen Curry injured his hand against the Phoenix Suns.

When Steph went down during the game it was extremely apparent that he had broken his hand. For Warriors and NBA fans, this was a likely sign that Steph would be missing the rest of the season. It was later announced that Curry would be getting surgery on his hand, and that he was assuredly done for the year.

As the season progressed, the young Warriors have struggled. Golden State made lots of moves before the trade deadline, accruing many future first and second round picks, and ensuring that they would be a powerhouse next season with a healthy Steph Curry and Klay Thompson.

Now, at the time of this writing, the Warriors are sitting on a record of 14-48, and it’s being announced that Steph could be back on the floor as soon as tomorrow, March 5th, 2020.

To many, myself included, it seems like an extremely risky move for the Warriors, but more importantly, it seems unnecessary. The Warriors have no chance of making the playoffs, and are in a good place to rebuild for the next season. They don’t need to run the risk of injuring Steph Curry again before he is ready to play, and jeopardize future seasons.

So why would he play?

Many are arguing that Steph should play if he is healthy. Fans pay to go to games, and if he is able to play he should.

Time will tell how the early return of Stephen Curry will end.

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