Trade Deadline: Trade Talks and Rumors (As of Tuesday, February 4th 2020)

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, many fans are waiting anxiously to hear how their teams are going to look as we approach All-Star weekend. While no trades have yet been confirmed, here are the rumors that are circling around the basketball community.

Houston Rockets:

The Rockets are rumored to be in talks with teams to trade Clint Capela. How viable this information is, who knows, at it seems the Rockets would be at even more of a disadvantage without their big fella. However, multiple sources are reporting that Clint is on the trading block.

Charlotte Hornets:

The Hornets are apparently interested in acquiring Julius Randle from the New York Knicks. It is unclear what the Hornets have to offer the Knicks, or how either team would benefit from this trade.

Memphis Grizzlies:

The Grizzlies are still sitting on Andre Iguodala, who appears to have created preferred list to be traded. This list was leaked in an attempt to ward off teams less desirable teams, however this shouldn’t ward off the Grizzlies from trying to get rid of him. Right now, he is an annoyance on a rebuilding young team, that should be gotten rid of as soon as possible.

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